Have you thought about joining… our Beginners’ Orchestra?

The West Leeds Music Centre Beginners’ Orchestra meets from 9am – 9.55am and now is the perfect time to join this fabulous ensemble.

Open to players of all instruments, as soon as you can play just 3 notes you are ready to join.

The group is led by experienced YMES music teacher Alison Major, who arranges much of the music herself and will ensure that it is at just the right level for you.

The normal fees are affordable at just £2/week (under 18s) and £3/week (adults) if enrolling alongside another WLMC activity.

What’s more – we have a special offer. Effective April 2017, under 18s can receive their first year’s membership at the reduced rate of just £1/week!!!


How to join the Beginners’ Orchestra…

Just drop us a quick email at westleeds@ymes.org.uk and we’ll add the Beginners’ Orchestra to your summer term enrolment options.


Small print: Reduced price of £1/week is available to all under 18s joining the Beginners’ Orchestra for the first time between 1 April 2017 and 1 July 2018, and the reduced price is valid for up to 1 year of membership or until 31 July 2018 whichever comes earlier. Normal fees are £2/week (under 18s) and £3/week (adults) if doing another WLMC activity, or £3.60 (under 18s) and £4.60 (adults) if enrolling solely for the Beginners’ Orchestra. Normal fees are reviewed once annually in advance of September. All fees are due at the start of each term for the 10-week block.