Have you thought about joining… our Dots and Lines class?

Dots and Lines is the class at West Leeds Music Centre designed to help with note reading and music theory.

With an emphasis on learning through enjoyable interactive activities, this class is perfect for all 7-11 year olds learning an instrument at the centre.

Whether you need help working out your Bs from your As and your sharp signs from your flat signs, or just want a bit of extra musical fun in your week - this is the class for you.

Dots and Lines runs from 11.30am – 12noon and having learned an instrument for a while, now is a great time to join the group.

And at just £1.40/week if enrolling alongside another WLMC activity, we’ve tried to make it as affordable as possible.


How to join Dots and Lines…

Just drop us a quick email at westleeds@ymes.org.uk and we’ll add Dots and Lines to your summer term enrolment options.


Small print: Fees are £1.40/week if doing another WLMC activity, or £3/week if enrolling solely for Dots and Lines. Fees are reviewed once annually in advance of September. All fees are due at the start of each term for the 10-week block.